exporting problem?

exporting problem?

Post by litefroze » Tue, 04 Feb 2003 23:49:56

Every now and then when I export something as a .obj, it seems to have some
of the names of the parts get changed and the order changed. Example-
I made a short 4 link chain and named the links
link1, link2, link3, link4
I export it as .obj and then if I say import to poser or back into c4d or
even look at ther file in a text reader, the link names are now like this-
link2, link3, link , link1

I tried this link.1, link.2 etc and it would change like this link_1, link_
I  tried a space Like this link 1, link 2 and it would be this link_1,
link_2 or link_ etc.

It seems to happen when ending names with numbers in certain ways. but if I
name then like this-
linkone, linktwo, linkthree, linkfour and export it will stay like that
linkone, linktwo, linkthree, linkfour.
any info about this?

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I would like to upload files to a server for the web. And I want to
in Quark 3.3(1) for Mac. But in Quark, to my knowledge, the only way to
export is either to save as a Quark document, or to save as s Quark EPS
file. Don't I need either 'jpg' or 'gif' file format? What must I do?

Thank you/

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