Running gimp from another program

Running gimp from another program

Post by Kenneth Schar » Tue, 23 Apr 2002 06:39:38

I've done a search through the documentation on the site and
havn't found what I need (though I think maybe a perl script might
work).  What I want to do is to use the gimp as a .tif file viewer, and
open, close, and print .tiff images under control of another program.

If anyone here is a Ham operator familiar with the ARRL QST view cd roms
you know these run only under windows (wine seems to fail on this).  The
cd roms have a database of which .tif files belong to any single page of
any issue of QST magazine in the collection.  There is a SQL data base
which looks up the desired .tiff files (you can search by author,
article title, month/year of issue, etc).

I want to write a program to read the database on the cdrom (it's in
comma limited field ascii format and I can write a program to read this
in an convert to SQL tables for mySQL or Postgressql).  After the SQL
front end querries the database and the desired files are found I need
to call the gimp to display the files (one page at a time) and offer the
user a chance to page forward, backward, resize the image, or print it.

I need to know how to access a running session of the gimp from an other
program (probably written in C++ using GTK) and issue it commands to
open a .tiff file and display it, resize, print, and close the file.

Script-fu might do this? or perhaps Perl-fu? but what is the interface
from a c++ program?
Hate to say it but but what I want to do was easy under VB-script with
MS office aps (flame bait I know), I hope Linux can do this better!

Any help here please!  Point me to the right documentation and I will
read it!  Thanks!


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