acquire > twain > load fail!

acquire > twain > load fail!

Post by d re » Sat, 12 Jul 2003 16:09:45

i am running gimp v1.2.4.15 on windows98 with no problems. i am trying
(repeatedly) to introduce a trust easy connect 9600 plus scanner into
the mix. when i acquire > twain > select source, the scanner appears
in the dialog but when selected produces a load fail error.

i get the same result when scanning to the start > programs >
accessories > imaging app as well (kodak imaging for windows).

the scanner driver is from the trust site and i realize this sounds
like more of a comp.periphs.scanners question, but the most recent
post there related to my situation (identical problem with no
responses) is over a year old.

i also realize ~$40 for a new scanner would end my worries, but it's
the principle of the matter at this point. i feel like i'm so close to

any input is appreciated.