adaptive contrast Gimp 1.2

adaptive contrast Gimp 1.2

Post by s.. » Tue, 05 Jun 2001 10:03:00

     If you have used the adaptive contrast plugin with gimp 1.2 PLEASE
 reply to my email (or here, even :) as to how you installed it !

     I used that plugin with the pre-release version, but when I got 1.2
 it wouldn't work :(  

     Shinank suggested installing the gimp development package... but that
 didn't do it for me.  Possibly this plugin is simply misplaced in the
 1.2 group, and should still be with 1.1 ?

     If anybody is good enough with plugins to produce a patch to make this
 work with 1.2, likewise, please inform me !!

     Possibly, it's my distro... Im using 1.2 gimp, installed onto suse 7.0
 ...there may be a better combination ??

  much thanks to any help


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