The Great Font Disapearing Act

The Great Font Disapearing Act

Post by Mysh » Fri, 11 Apr 2003 10:39:28

My Gimp program (1.2) constantly looses fonts.  If you exit, and then call
the program up again, some of the fonts will be gone, but the next time you
restart the program, they'll be visable again.  Can someone help me out
with that?  

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1. Can Images act like fonts?

I am a programmer and am creating a program for a police agencie that
create a diagram of crashes that occur at an intersection. Each type of
crash can be represented by about 35 images or symbols.

One might look like this:  ------>------> (rear end crash)
-----><------ (Head on) ect.....
Of course they will look much more professional.

My problem is that I'm not sure if I should create bitmaps, GIFs, a new
Font or what...
I was hoping yall could give me some pointers.

What It must be able to do:
1) Background of the image must be transparent.
2) must be able to programmicly change the color.

Accually, now that I think about it the arrows in power point would be
great if I knew how to use them programmicly..


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