Python Fu - export Paths to POVRAY

Python Fu - export Paths to POVRAY

Post by Joao S. O. Buen » Thu, 19 Jun 2003 14:46:02

Hi there,

I've just put online this script I am working on.

It exports the active PATH on the gimp to a POVRay file, that
will render into a collection of spheres over the PATH.

RIght now it features:

-Generating POVRay file
-Creating a Union with spheres covering the active path
-Creating a Union of Spheresweeps
-Automatically running POVRay and loading the resulting image into a  
 layer on the active GIMP image

Gimp 1.2.x
Gimp Python (it's a python-fu script)
POVRay - any version. 3.5 required for sphere sweep feature.

Check it at

Together are my scripts to export paths to SVG and POSTSCRIPT, and rotating
and scaling Paths.


1. How about embedding Python into POVRay?

Hi all!
I was flipping through my Programming Python book and started
wondering if it would be a horrible amount of work to add the Python
interpreter to POVRay.

My main reasoning behind doing so would be things like user-defined
functions in a scene file (or at least called from a scene file) and
possibly some measure of object-orientation in scene programming.  I
think having that kind of control in the programming could give an
extremely rich development environment.  (Not to say, of course, that
the POV Scene Language isn't rich!  Python would just allow more
flexible flow control.)

I think this kind of extension would be really cool for programming
particle systems or flocking behavior in multiple objects.  It could
be something along the lines of making a Bird class, say, and defining
a few characteristics and behaviors of a Bird in a Python object.
Then we could call a function that would make twelve of the Bird
objects and maybe randomize their parameters a bit;  have some sort of
standard NURBS library that we could use to define a general motion
path. All of that would take a lot of work out of animating some types
of scenes!

We could use it as a modeling aid, too.  Rather than have external
programs generate complex .inc files beforehand, we could script the
modeling functions in Python and have them directly executed by POVRay
as it preprocesses the scene file..

Does anyone know of any work that's been tried (or heck, is already
available! ;)  along these lines?  Or is it just a stupid idea, and
all of this kind of functionality is already in POVRay's Scene
Language?  Let me know what y'all think.  

Lars Damerow

(just get rid of the dot at the end of my email address to respond...
I get far too much spam in my mailbox to just dangle my email address
in front of a web crawler..)

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