WIN-GIMP: Refresh of Script-Fu unstable?

WIN-GIMP: Refresh of Script-Fu unstable?

Post by Thomas Lotz » Mon, 10 Jan 2000 04:00:00


I'm using the Windoze port of GIMP and encounter the following problem:
Almost every time I change my Script-Fu script and want to refresh it,
will not be executed anymore until I start GIMP over.

Is this a bug of WIN-GIMP, or could I have made some mistake?

Thanks, Thomas


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Everytime I use a script with Gimp 1.2 for win32, I close the generated
picture, and gimp GPF's.
There is always a script-fu task left which I have to kill first before
restarting gimp.
OS: Win98SE, good Graphics card, enough memory/Athlon Thunderbird CPU
Additional info: NO program in Background except Explorer.exe (not even

Is this a known bug or does it not like my Machine?
The Machine itself is very stable (for Windows98 typical conditions).
Gimp 1.1 ran without problems.

(No "use linux" replies please, I already do since 1.3.13..)


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