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[Gimp-developer] ANNOUNCE: GIMP 1.3.16
Date: Today 08:04:37
From: Sven Neumann <sven(at)>
To: gimp-developer(at),
gimp-announce(at), gimp-user(at),


I promised not to wait too long with the next release because of all
the nifty new features you have been waiting for. So here it is, grab
your copy from

or from one of the mirrors listed at

Please give the new stuff some testing and if you find bugs, please
report them at

Overview of Changes in GIMP 1.3.16
- Vector tool improvements [Simon]
- Import GDynText layers [Sven]
- Save and load text layers to/from XCF files [Sven]
- Added the ability to show a grid over the canvas [Brix]
- Keep EXIF data in JPEG files using libexif [Bolsh]
- Changed a couple of gimprc defaults [Bolsh]
- Updated PS keybindings (ps-menurc) [Eric Pierce]
- Clarified the semantics of EXTENSION and PLUGIN [Mitch]
- Updates to the Win32 build system [Hans]
- Improved brush/pattern/font/gradient selectors in libgimp [Sven]
- Improved handling of transparency in GIF files [Adam]
- Cleaned up and improved the message dialogs and error console [Mitch]
- Added a sample sessionrc [Sven]
- Lots of bug fixes

Other contributors:
  Yohei Honda, Elad Shahar, Dave Neary, Jakub Steiner

Happy GIMPing, Sven

PS:  I'll be away over the weekend so Mitch will have to deal with your
bug-reports ;-)

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[Gimp-user] ANNOUNCE: GIMP 1.2.5
Date: Today 17:08:21
From: Manish Singh <yosh(a)>  (Exceedingly Disorganized)

Reply to: Manish Singh <yosh(a)>

GIMP 1.2.5 has found it's way on to the FTP site:

This is a minor bugfix release. Notably the build error in gimp-remote has
been fixed.

The following bugs were fixed (thanks to Dave Neary for compiling this list):

Bug #   Description
------  -----------

17904   Off-by-one in selection boundary preview
69773   drawing slim lines with a 1x1 brush has issues
82763   xbm plugin emits malformed xbms
87687   ImageMap should use lowercase tags and escape attributes
104693  Scaling down a small image loses some pixel data
107402  Dissolve blend mode not consistent
110014  Display problems with selection border and image border
113425  Build fails at gimp-remote.c
113445  imagemap cannot re-read its maps
113610  Van Gogh plug-in always creates new image
113639  canvas shrinks when exporting PNG with 'save a copy'
113835  Layers can't be moved using the cursor keys if NumLock is
114225  Parameter settings in filters->render->pattern->grid swapped
114396  gimp_image_set_linked / gimp_image_set_visibility problems
114419  Script-Fu: Alchemy/Unsharp Mask produces incorrect results
114913  TARGA (TGA) 16 images with alpha channel are displayed strangely

Contributors: Sven Neumann, Raphael Quinet, Michael Natterrer, Adam Moss, Tor
Lilliqvist, Maurits Rijk, Pedro Gimeno, Henning Makholm, Yohei Honda.

More details, as usual, in the ChangeLog.

Happy GIMPing,
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