Algorithm fun...

Algorithm fun...

Post by Peter Bowma » Tue, 31 Aug 1999 04:00:00

        Are the actual algorithms that do things like colour correction
available somewhere in a form humans can read? I know I can access the
source code, but it's already GIMPized, and it's hard to extract the
actual few lines that do the job. The book "A simplified approach to
Image Processing" by Randy Crane is perfect, it's C code but broken down
so a mere mortal can understand it :)


Peter Bowmar

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1. Box Filter FUN FUN FUN...

Hey Guys,

I'm trying to implement a box filter line drawing algorithm and i'm
having some difficulties. basically my problem is with finding the
area under a 1-pixel wide line. usually in the worst case it cover 3
adjacent pixels at given x coordinate that is on the line segment.

i'm wondering if there is a general formula based on the angle the
line intersects the pixels giving the area.

maybe i'm way off track here.. can anyone help?

another thought i had was to draw line segments between all the
intersection points of the 1-pixel wide line and a given x value..
this would split up the area into triangles.. and then using the cross
product to calculate the areas and add them up,, but this seems to me
a wasteful way of doing it..

any input would be greatly appreciated..


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