MCI/Worldcom 800 Number Service

MCI/Worldcom 800 Number Service

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I mentioned this once before, but want to let those of you know about
it who did not see the original announcement. MCI/Worldcom is now
offering a service like MyLine used to offer. You can get an 800/
888/877 number which is programmable, with voicemail included.

In addition to the features MyLine offered, the MCI/Worldcom version
also includes fax and message broadcast service, which is an ideal
way to communicate with an entire sales team. Since MyLine quit
taking on new customers, I've been suggesting that people try out
the MCI/Worldcom version of the service on a thirty day free trial

The person responsible for this is Gary Oppenheimer, brother of our
very own Judith Oppenheimer, who brings us news headlines every
day. Gary works for MCI/Worldcom and I know he would be glad to hear
from any interested parties. Contact him at his office in New York at
888-691-0783 and let him know you are a regular reader of TELECOM



1. Pin 800 Numbers (was Re: MCI One Breaks its 800 Number Service)


This is especially true for anyone thinking of obtaining or currently
has a "pin" 800 number (an 800 number that will only connect after a
certain number of extra digits "pin" have been added).  The reason of
course is that thousands of other customers may have the same 800
number, but with a different "pin".  

I had a gal in Texas call me yesterday (an Excel Rep using MCI)
wanting to do just that, until she mentioned that it was a "pin" 800
number.  So she decided to obtain a new 888 number instead.  Pin 800
numbers tend to offer a higher cost per minute than the usual $0.109
to $0.129 (interstate rate) 800/888 service.  800/888 Service has a
lot of features that customers are usually not informed about because
of the additional set-up charges or paperwork that has to be

For example; you can block your 800/888 number from certain area codes
or regions (thus eliminating unwanted calls from those areas),
establish time of day routing (800/888 number will ring in to one
phone number, and then ring in to yet another phone number after a
designated time period ie. say after 6:00 pm rings in to a phone
number in another state).

Keith Brown
CallCom International

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