No Brain Cancer Link To Mobile Phones - U.S. Expert

No Brain Cancer Link To Mobile Phones - U.S. Expert

Post by Mike Polloc » Sat, 24 Jul 1999 04:00:00

DUBLIN (Reuters) - A U.S. radiation expert said Friday extensive
studies had shown there was no evidence of a link between mobile phone
use and brain cancer, but that there were always more studies to be

John Molder, a professor of radiation oncology from the Medical
College of Wisconsin, said during a visit to Dublin there was ``no
evidence of hazard whatsoever'' from the use of mobile phones.

``There are always more studies that can be done,'' Molder said. ``But
there have already been extensive studies in human and animals and no
link between cell (mobile) phone use and brain cancer has been

Swedish researchers have said mobile phone users could be two and a
half times more likely to develop brain cancer than those who do not,
but Molder said he had studied their research and found the numbers
had no statistical significance.

The evidence of brain tumors in mobile phone users was in a tiny
sub-group of about five people, he told a news conference on the last
day of the 11th International Congress on Radiation Research in

The radiation congress, held every four years since 1959, started on
July 18 and covered a wide spectrum of radiation topics including
cancer therapy and the exposure of airline crews to cosmic radiation.


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