HAW-4 Repeater Failure

HAW-4 Repeater Failure

Post by Milo S. Med » Thu, 05 Sep 1991 14:37:03

BTW, HAW-4 went back online today as far as most users are concerned.
The actual cable was repaired on thursday, and testing continued
though the weekend and holiday.  Our main trunk to Hawaii was rerouted
earlier this evening back over HAW-4, and delay is back down to the 65
ms RTT to the UH campus.




HAW-4 Repeater Failure

Post by Harold Hallikain » Thu, 05 Sep 1991 15:19:02

        A previous article on this subject mentioned that HAW-4 was a
fiber from Point Arena to Hawaii.  I think it's a fairly new
installation.  We have at least one (I think two) undersea coaxes
going from here in SLO to Hawaii.  At least one of these has vacuum
tube amps sitting on the ocean floor.  I believe they originally ran
SSB frequency division mux down the cable.  I think they've now put
some "real fast" modems on each end and just send everything as a
digital stream.  I seem to recall that another fiber is on its way
here from Hawaii.  All of this info is from a tour I had of the
facility a year or two ago.  Years and years ago on another tour, they
gave us a brochure titled "San Luis Obispo, Communications Center of
the World" or something like that.

        It was all pretty amazing stuff!



1. HAW-4 Repeater Failure ... Anybody Know the Skinny?

I was involved in a circut restoration for a couple of international
data lines (one to Japan, one to Korea, and one to Hawaii), and a
repeater failure on HAW-4 made us reroute over spare Intelsat
capacity.  Any info about what exactly is going on, like is it true
AT&T has an ETR of two weeks for the barge to get there???

We had to rewrite geography by jumping over Intelsat from San
Francisco to Tokyo, then Tokyo to Hawaii via TPC-3.  Our Korean circut
is doing a double hop because it was a HAW-4/San Fran/Intelsat hop to
Korea, now it's Hawaii-Tokyo (TPC-3), then Tokyo-San Fran (Intelsat),
then San Fran - Korea (Intelsat again).  Two second ping time ...

Robert Gutierrez   NASA Science Internet,  Network Operations Center.

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