Administrivia: Clocks; Mail Backlog; A Personal Matter

Administrivia: Clocks; Mail Backlog; A Personal Matter

Post by TELECOM Moderat » Mon, 08 Apr 1991 15:34:47

Sunday, April 7 at 2:00 AM (your local time) marks our semi-annual
tinkering with our clocks in the USA ... and as 'they' say, we spring
ahead and fall behind (one hour each time).  This is the last issue of
the Digest you will see with a CST time stamp for a few months.

Speaking of falling behind, the incoming rush of new mail to telecom
has slowed down a little, and with some dedicated effort on my part
and a few issues of the Digest on Sunday, everything should get
cleared out.  But this experience -- the past several days of *hard*
work and *long* hours to get the Digest out to you has taught me one
thing, or maybe two: Effective immediatly, I can no longer give any
acknowledgement of what is sent other than the auto-ack which goes out
to most of you. I can no longer return mail not used; nor will I be
able to take the time to do a lot of editing work.

You will have to do it.  Save copies of your articles (which you send
here) if you consider them valuable. I've been trying to publish at
least half of what comes in; I receive, on an average, 60-80 items
daily, but this past week there were a couple days with well over 100
items received each day. Combined with last weekend's fiasco, that
created a huge backlog here. I still want to publish as much as
possible -- to present as many wide and divergent viewpoints as I can
within the limits placed on me as a human being who otherwise works
8-10 hours daily at a place of gainful employment, but *something* has
to give!

 From the most prolific of you: please, only one or two items per week
if possible.  You know who I mean. To all of you: Please match up the
subject threads correctly. When you REply, use the header as it
appears in the original. Otherwise, I have to go back to the old
issues and look for the correct matching word.  

Try to edit your text and check your spelling. If I must select only a
few of the several *good* articles which arrive daily, I will pick the
ones that:  are short and to the point; require little editing; use a
minimum of quoted text; and are not redundant two weeks after the
fact.  If you get behind reading, that's too bad, but don't send in
REplies to articles which appeared here two or three weeks ago without
reading everything in the thread to make sure your point has not been
made by others since.

The more YOU do to help, the more I can publish here. If the Digest
winds up taking much more of my time than it takes now, then it won't
take any time at all ... I'll close it down out of a desire to
preserve my own sanity.  Enough said.

For next: my father is quite ill. Actually, he has been ill for some
time, and this is his second stay in the VA hospital in two months.
From all indications, he'll be leaving us soon. When that time comes,
I'll be away for a few days -- perhaps a week -- and of necessity will
have to suspend the Digest for the interim.  I'll let you know, and
ask you to hold submissions until I return.



1. Administrivia: Huge Backlog of Messages

The past two weeks have seen a huge increase in traffic here, with
over 900 messages last week alone, of which you saw about 200. I had
the incoming queue completely cleaned out as of last Wednesday, and
what greeted me Thursday morning?  Merely another 116 messages.

The auto ACK message which goes out on receipt of submissions here
states that only a limited number of messages can be posted. It does
no favors for any of us to be flooded with fifteen issues of the
Digest in one day as happened last Tuesday in an effort to catch up.

And to me, 'catch up' means trying to squeeze in even a third or so of
the mail received.  The auto ACK also notes that priority is given to
new, original articles rather than REplies on existing threads, and so
for a few days at least, I won't be running REplies unless they are
quite exceptional and say something of interest to all.

You should also note that the queue was cleaned out forcibly tonight
of over 200 REply messages ... I guess I am a victim of my own success
here with this Digest, and I apologize to all whose messages will not
be included, but my resources here are becoming strained with this
Digest also.  Let's see if things slow down a little in the week


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