Calif's AG vs. Re: Unsolicited Garbage

Calif's AG vs. Re: Unsolicited Garbage

Post by Danny Burstei » Sun, 27 Jul 2003 08:04:22

(I don't know anything else about the politics on the Left Coast,
so have no idea if this represents general Good Stuff by the AG there or
if it's the exception that proves the rule, but ...)

(SAN DIEGO) Attorney General Bill Lockyer today filed a consumer
protection lawsuit against Aliso Viejo-based, seeking more
than $15 million in penalties and other relief and alleging the firm
committed rampant violations of state and federal law in sending
unsolicited adverti*ts via fax and prerecorded phone messages.

", with high-level technology and low-level respect for the
law, runs a 24-hour privacy invasion operation that continually spews
unsolicited faxes and prerecorded phone calls," said Lockyer. "Junk
faxes cost consumers, businesses and taxpayers tens of millions of
dollars every year. Consumers' privacy, choice and pocketbooks have to
be protected.  With this action, and through our other efforts to
fight spam and quiet telemarketers, that's exactly what my office
intends to do."

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1. If you've been saving your unsolicited faxes (junk faxes) AND you live in California

If you've been saving your unsolicited faxes (junk faxes) and you live
in California, then either e-mail me or post here how many junk faxes
you have physically saved in the last 12 months and whether you are
willing to be a plaintiff added to my class action suit.

I'm going to file the largest class action in history against these

And I've already lined up a bunch of top tier law firms to represent
me against your favorite junk faxers such as, 21st Century
Faxes LTD (the folks who send out the 900 number yes/no polling
question), Market News Alert (run by Richard Spradling), Wall Street
Watch, and a bunch of others that will be revealed shortly. We have a
number of plantiffs already, but we'd like to get a couple more.

I just don't want to miss anyone important in the class action. It
will be in the billions.
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