Truemobile 1400 d600

Truemobile 1400 d600

Post by Christoph Nova » Sun, 27 Jul 2003 00:50:50

I too recently purchased a Dell Latitude D600 with their rebranded
Boradcom duel-band WiFi card (TrueMobile 1400) running Windows XP Pro.

I have an older Latitude c600 using a Linksys wireless card and Win98
right next to the d600 and there are no problems.

I have noticed that when I ping the gateway that packets are randomly
lost (i.e., request timeout). The overall result is an intermittent
and choppy network connection.

Is anyone else having this problem?

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Quote:> I recently purchased a Dell Latitude D600 with their rebranded
> Broadcom dual-band WiFi card (TrueMobile 1400) running Windows XP Pro
> to replace my old Dell Latitude CPiA with Orinoco Wireless Silver PC
> card running Windows 2000 Pro; I have an existing Orinoco Wireless
> AP-1000 access point that operates in only 11b mode with 64bit WEP
> enabled. The access point is up-to-date with firmware from
> Orinoco/Proxim (Spring 2002 is the latest release).
> I am encountering WiFi connectivity issue that I am hoping someone
> might be able to help me figure out a solution to. In my apartment I
> also have a 2.4ghz digital spectrum spread panasonic telephone that at
> times in the past interfered with the old laptop system, but a simple
> click of the channel button on the telephone solved the interference
> and the WiFi connection would be restored. Now with the new laptop
> system, whenever I use the telephone the connection drops; I try to
> change the channel and the connection is still down. It is like the
> new laptop system is too sensitive to the other 2.4ghz over-the-air
> traffic because when the new one is down because of the telephone
> being used, the old laptop still has a network connection. To me that
> determined it has something to do with the new laptop system and
> hopefully it is just a configuration issue with the broadcom card; I
> have tried messing around with all the advance settings and nothing
> seems to make the problem disappear.
> Any thoughts on a solution is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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