US/Canada Only One Digit Code?

US/Canada Only One Digit Code?

Post by Steve Pershi » Tue, 05 Jun 1990 07:28:48

> The US/Canada country code is unusual in two ways : (1) it is the only
> single-digit country code, and (2) it happens to be the same as the

I thought that the USSR was assigned country code 7 which is also a
single digit code.  There may be others.

There were some unique things done in Country Code 1.  Besides it
being the country code for the US and Canada, it also includes Bermuda
and many other island countries in that part of the world.  In
addition, there was at one time, an area code within country code 1
assigned to Mexico City, for more convenient dialling (?).  This is an
anomaly in the normal CCITT assignment, as Mexico has its own country

I wonder if there are other "convenience" codes within other country
codes in other parts of the world?

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