Prevalence of 10xxx Dialing

Prevalence of 10xxx Dialing

Post by Randal Schwar » Fri, 16 Feb 1990 14:01:02

| >104-441-700-TALK-121
| Looks like a new way to avoid 900 blocking to me.

'course, this works only in those areas that have 10XXX (Feature Group D?)

Is that everywhere *except* the backwaters of GTE Northwest, now?  Or
are there still many places that don't have 10XXX dialing?

We can do 950-xxxx and "select our default 1+ carrier", but 10XXX is
only for the local Bell-co (US West, or whatever they changed their
name to this week) customers.

Just another telephone "operator",

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1. Prevalence of 10xxx Dialing

| >104-441-700-TALK-121
| Looks like a new way to avoid 900 blocking to me.

Nothing new about it.  Allnet has been advertising this talk line
since 1987.  The number used to be 10444-1-700-777-7777; their
commercials said to dial "one oh four, four forty-one, seven hundred,
and seven sevens" in those days.

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