Owner of Stolen 'sex.com' Can Sue VeriSign - Court

Owner of Stolen 'sex.com' Can Sue VeriSign - Court

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By Elinor Mills Abreu

SAN FRANCISCO, July 25 (Reuters) - The owner of "sex.com,"
once considered one of the Internet's hottest addresses, can
seek payment from the company that improperly transferred the
domain to a "con man" who later fled to Mexico when ordered to
pay $65 million, a court ruled on Friday.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled that
"computer-geek-turned-entrepreneur" Gary Kremen can hold VeriSign
Inc.'s (NASDAQ:VRSN) Network Solutions unit liable for handing the
sex.com Web address over to a "con man."

The decision has widespread implications for companies that register
domains, which until now have not been held responsible when Web sites
are switched from their rightful owners, a lawyer for the plaintiff

      - http://finance.lycos.com/home/news/story.asp?story=35007290


1. A Statement regarding 'MultiLingual.com' by Verisign

We Dodong.com(Korea Domain Community) hereby, issuing a statement after
severe problems found on registration of
ML(Multilingual Domain Name Service) which has been announced by
VeriSign(VSGRS; VeriSign Global Registry Services)

? < Several domains with 'BQ--' initial have already been registered
before the right date and they could not be
registered on the correct date. >

It would make sense to change the acknowledge Code Name(BQ--) after the
test period if VerisSign plan to startup
the service and prevent the pre-registration of same name.
But because of short time left that could not be done and most highly
priority domain names have already been
registered before the date(10th. Nov).
We would call this great mistake by Verisign which has caused huge chaos
into Multilingual domain Market

? < Multilingual domain Names has been registered irregularity by using
'BQ--' initial >

We are trying to collect more data on this case as we have found few
registrars have pre-registered 'BQ--' domain
names and Deleted on the certain time and finally re-registered as
normal MultiLingual Domain Names.
We have collected reliable information and it will be announced after
the inspection to most well known press that
VeriSign itself has made a chaos at the MultiLingual Domain Market.
Also we know few registrars which approved by ICANN have possibility to
delete their own domain names right away.
So re-registration after the deletion of 'BQ--' initials can be made and
that we would call it unfairness
intention of doing it.
Furthermore We know which have already been registered before the
initial date and We are inspecting whether a fair
deal of registration has been made.

o Point 1
Verisign must acknowledge their mistake and should notify an open
apology on their Verisign Web site and MultiLingual
Domain Registration Home Page for a certain time.
o Point 2
It should not be authorized 'BQ--' initial domain names which have been
registered before formula date.
o Point 3
It also should not be admitted 'BQ--' initial domain names which
registered before formula date, Deleted and finally
re-registered as MultiLingual Domain Name.
o Point 4
'a supplementary explanation of point 1 and 2'. They also should be in
'Holding' position to not be able to delete
the domain name.
o Point 5
This request must also be fullfulled to Japanese and Chinese Domain
o Point 6
Verisign will announce the correction and execution date on public.

? < We dodong.com will be in the position as below if no complementary
measures have been taken. >

We expect Verisign will fullfill our satisfaction. We will announce this
impropriety action to the press if no action
is taken by Verisign.
Also We will push on the correction of this affair jointly and severally
with Chinese / Japanese Domain Customer Group.

We by all means, request Verisign's sincerity answer and take
complementary measures.

Year 2000 November 13th.
Korea Domain Community (http://www.dodong.com/)

- Translated into Englis by Kim, Sang-Hyun

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