No Call Waiting Until Supervised

No Call Waiting Until Supervised

Post by Ed_Greenb.. » Sun, 02 Dec 1990 01:39:00

Quote:>Pac*Bell Weenie Note: In the Pac*Bell implementations of the 1AESS
>(W.E.  should never have provided them with the source!), you would
>still get busy, even when dialing through Telecom*USA. PB's generic
>will not allow CW or 3W until the first call is supervised. Pac*Bell
>had some lame reason for doing this, but I forgot what it was.

I think I like this feature ... It never occurred to me that it should
work any differently.  If your call hasn't supervised, and you get a
call waiting, and answer it, your called party (of the first part :-)
stands a good chance of answering and already being on hold.  Also,
you're already listening to ring or busy tone.  Now you have to pick
call waiting tones out of the tone jungle.  Finally, what about a call
that is abandoned half dialed and off-hook, or a line left off hook,
or shorted?  Surely that should return busy.  When do you disable
call-waiting?  When the line goes to permanent signal?

I also think that the CO implementation of traditional PBX features
such as three way and call waiting should be a bit more idiot-friendly
than their PBX counterparts.  (Yes, I know, build an idiot-proof
system, and only an idiot will be willing to use it.)

Does anybody think that this is an incorrect philosophy?  Is anyone
REALLY bothered by not being able to get a C.W. while originating a



No Call Waiting Until Supervised

Post by John Higd » Mon, 03 Dec 1990 10:24:41

> Does anybody think that this is an incorrect philosophy?  Is anyone
> REALLY bothered by not being able to get a C.W. while originating a
> call?

Well, yes, actually it is a problem. In PacBellLand, 611 does not
supervise (at least, not in my CO), and I spend a lot of time talking
to these people. (The urge to launch a cheap shot is overwhelming at
this point -- like Pac*Bell customers get to know 611 really well --
but I will be good and keep silent.) What this means is that for the
duration of the call to repair, CW is totally inoperative. Once I
spent a good portion of a morning chatting with the good people at
telephone repair and had many complaints about my busy phone later in
the day.

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1. Call waiting with call id - still don't get the Call waiting signal!

OK, I just got call waiting with caller id service from USWORST.  The
idea was that when I'm on line, I'd know when someone was trying to
reach me and I'd have the option of manually disconnecting the data
call.  However, I don't get any signal!  I know it works with voice
calls because I tested it while talking to a USWASTE representative
(he called me back on his other line and I was able to see the
incoming call info).

I've tried the following setups, but it doesn't seem to matter:
wall -> CID box -> modem -> phone
wall -> modem -> CID box -> phone

I'm using a USR Sportster 33.6 w/voice.  FWIW, I have call forward on
no answer and call forward on busy features with this line.  I
originally thought the call forward on busy was the problem, but then
the USWURST guy proved it wasn't.  The modem has to have something to
do with it (is the V.34 protocol still getting in the way somehow?).
And no, I don't have call waiting disabled, I checked that.

Is anyone using call waiting id for this purpose?  What'd you do to
get it to work?

Thanks for any pointers!


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