House Asked to Power up Digital TV

House Asked to Power up Digital TV

Post by Monty Solomo » Fri, 25 Jul 2003 14:20:51

By Declan McCullagh
Staff Writer, CNET

The Federal Communications Commission would be required to accelerate
the transition to digital television under a bill introduced
Wednesday in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The measure, called the Consumer Access to Digital Television
Enhancement Act, would require the FCC to adopt a December 2002
proposal for a digital TV standard inked by dozens of cable operators
and consumer electronics companies. The bill envisions a national
"plug and play" standard for digital TVs that would not require
set-top boxes.

The proposal, or memorandum of understanding, covers the reception of
analog basic, digital basic and digital premium cable television
programming in the United States. Enhanced services such as
pay-per-view or video-on-demand would be included in a future


1. Cable Firms, TV Makers in Digital TV Deal

By Reuters
December 18, 2002, 7:02 PM PT

Television makers and cable operators have reached a deal that would
allow digital signals to pass seamlessly over their equipment,
clearing a cumbersome hurdle in the transition to digital television,
people familiar with the situation said Wednesday.

The two industries were expected to announce the deal Thursday,
ensuring that the roughly 70 million homes that subscribe to cable
will be able to enjoy the crisp pictures and advanced features digital
signals offer, the sources said.

Originally designed to be complete by 2007, the digital switch has yet
to take off due to the high cost of new digital televisions, limited
programming and disputes over how consumers can record their favorite
shows without bootlegging them over the Internet.

For months, cable operators and TV makers had been at loggerheads over
compatibility standards as well, but the deal to be announced Thursday
will allow a seamless "plug-and-play" connection from the cable wire
to the television, the sources said.

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