Continuing Saga

Continuing Saga

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Since they've replaced (in effect) the lines all the way from the CO
to your protector, one would have to assume that your poor signal is
due to either a) the house wiring - perhaps have another line run from
the protector to your jack, preferably via an alternate route, since
there is the possibility of ac induction and all that. b) the
protector itself -- when they swapped the lines, the might have left
the modem on the original protector ... or c) the CO equipment from the
MDF (frame) to the switch.

And yes, it's sad but true that the telco's don't believe that our
modems should operate satisfactorily on 'voice' lines above 2400bps. I
suppose you could tell them that you are operating at 2400 "baud" and
not 14400 "bps", since (I hope I'm not out to lunch here) high speed
modems do indeed operate signalling at 2400 baud. Phase/freq coding in
the 2400 signal gives us the high speeds we so dearly love (and we
refer to this as "bps", or the effective throughput).


1. Modem lock up (the continuing saga) -- USR X2 Sporster

First of all thanks to those of you that responded to a simliar a few weeks
ago. I've tried everything that USR has suggested as well as the things
suggested in responses the earlier posting.

Here's a synopsis of the problem. I'm trying to connect a USR X2 modem to a
KFlex equipped ISP. I'll normally connect at either 28.8 or 26.4. After some
amount of time, the modem locks up (no longer receives although it transmits
data at regular intervals). The lock up happens in minues at a 28.8 connection
speed, but can take an hour of two at 26.4.

The problem is not phone lines as I use a V.34 equipped notebook at the same
connection point. It works fine. The problem is not X2 connectivity as I've
verified the X2 capability of my phone line.

The problem is not this specific modem, as I had an offbrand X2 modem in the
machine initially, and switched to a USR product to get access to customer
support. The old modem behaved the same way as the new one.    

The things that have been tried without effect are:

1) disabling X2 with the string s32=34

2) changing the port settings to 230400 bps and the flow control to hardware

3) inputting the string at&n24 (plus a few other characters courtesy of USR
customer support) This caused the modem to not function.

4) disabling v.42 with a string optained from USR

Well there you have it. Nothing tried so far has had an impact. It's almost a
crime to have a P300 that can't talk to an ISP. I'm also pretty frustrated
with USR as I've called them about 6 or 7 times, and they have not come up
with a solution.

I'm open to other solutions, and would be appreciative to any responses to
this post.

Thanks & Regards, Bob Novak

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