Radio Amateur Telecommunications Society WWW Page

Radio Amateur Telecommunications Society WWW Page

Post by Andrew Fu » Fri, 10 Feb 1995 05:15:05

The Radio Amateur Telecommunications Society is now on the Web:

 From here are links to various RATS projects, including the ROSE X.25
Packet Switch, etc.

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1. STROWGER - Telephone Exchange WWW Page

Hi All,

Since the launch of my Strowger Telecomms pages, I've had many
hundreds of people visit so it seems that there are indeed lots of
people who love this sort of technology still, which I was pretty
pleased to see. However, everyone is a bit spread out and so it's
very hard for people to keep in contact with each other. So, I've
now added a link on the page where you can enter your email
address to 'register' your interest in Strowger etc, so please
revisit the site and enter your email address !  Note : This is
NOT going to be used to compile a junkmail database; I
will not be giving the addresses to anyone else - it will only
ever be used for occasional specific emailing of relevant info.

Note for novices - Strowger was the bloke who invented the
concepts of automatic telephone exchanges - my pages have
all sorts of info about telephone networks & historical stuff
as well as links to many other sites.

Note : This is a non-commercial site - it's not trying to sell
you anything or whatever :-)

If you haven't visited, visit it soon !

Regards, Michael.

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