Blocking Incoming calls to Lucent Definity G3R PBX

Blocking Incoming calls to Lucent Definity G3R PBX

Post by j.. » Sat, 26 Jul 2003 04:40:58

Is there a way to configure the PBX to not accept or redirect unwanted
incomming calls? We are having more and more problems with what we
call "Spam Calls". This is mostly unwanted faxes and automated
telemarketing calls comming into the company. Sometimes we get dozens
of them an hour. The calls come into the operator and all she gets is
the beeping sound of an impending fax or the empty sound of the
telemarketers computer. It is easy enough to collect all the offending
numbers that are calling in, the operator has already learned to
ignore several of them. But is there a way of compiling a list of
these numbers in the system and either just dropping the connection to
them or forwarding them to an unused station and letting them drop
from there? I have looked through the G3R Admin docs and can't seem to
find anything related to this.


Jeff Dennison


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Thank you,


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