NEC Dterm Telephone Unit Needed (or Info!)

NEC Dterm Telephone Unit Needed (or Info!)

Post by ce.. » Tue, 15 Jun 1993 02:58:15

I am looking for a NEC telephone unit. It is a "Dterm Series II".

Does anyone know of a good source of refurbished /excess distributor
that might have these? They don't seem that new, and perhaps there is
a cheap source. I only need a few. Thanks!

Is there something I can use instead?


1. Need picture of NEC Dterm Series 1

I'm looking for a picture of the NEC Dterm Series I phone.  I need it for a
history of the Dterm ariticle for our company newsletter.  If anyone here knows
of a picture of the Series 1 or can take one for me, it would be appreciated.  


Brett Goldman

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