Hurricane Bob Updates on 900 Number (was Who Needs 900, 976)

Hurricane Bob Updates on 900 Number (was Who Needs 900, 976)

Post by Paul S R Chisho » Tue, 20 Aug 1991 12:03:45

According to the Weather Channel, there's a 900 number (run, I think,
by the National Hurricane Center) for updates on Hurricane Bob, which
is in the process of hitting the United States.  The number is
1-900-288-8800; it costs ninety-five cents (U.S.A.) a minute.  (Pat,
sorry if this gets to you too late to reach Digest readers in time,
but I just saw it!)

> Weather?  I can look in USENET ("netnews") group

But what group would *this* go in?  (And why does cbnewsl, which is
supposed to serve AT&T employees in New Jersey, have articles in but none in

I'm not speaking for the company, I'm just speaking my mind.

[Moderator's Note: In Chicago on Chinet, they run it under ''.
It is the same script I hear recited on the phone at 312-976-1212.  PAT]


1. Blocking "976" and "900" Numbers

The "billing insert" that I just received from GTE states:

"We can block [976 numbers in California and 900 numbers within and
outside the state] ... That means no one will be able to call
any 900 numbers or 976 numbers from your telephone.  Blocking won't
stop calls made to 976 numbers outside of California."


Because of call-forwarding, tie-lines, private networks, foreign
exchanges, etc., you can't possibly be sure where the "other end"
(whatever that means when talking to a machine) of a telephone
connection is.  For example, a call placed through a long-distance
service to an area code within California could easily "terminate" in
Nevada or Oregon (or New York, for that matter) depending upon how the
long-distance service sets these things up (and perhaps private
parties with tie-lines, etc).

So, how does GTE know that a 976 number is "outside of California"?
and why can't GTE simply block ALL 976 numbers (I believe that the
following are all of the valid possiblities from this area: Numbers of
the form 976-XXXX, 1XXX-976-XXX, and 10XXX1XXX-976-XXX)?

David G. Cantor    Department of Mathematics   University of California

[Moderator's Note: It probably does not matter where the physical
termination is. All that matters is where they drop it (and someone
else picks it up), or where they bill it out to.  IBT now blocks all
calls to anything-976 not within 312, whether you want them to or not.
They do blocking to 312-976 and 900-xxx on request, and *no*
variations in dialing, i.e. 10xxx-1-312-976-xxxx, etc get past the 976
or 900 blockade, period.  PAT]

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