Strange "Hello's" (was The War on the Word "Hello")

Strange "Hello's" (was The War on the Word "Hello")

Post by JOHN SCHMID » Wed, 05 May 1993 09:09:26

When I worked for Grumman Aerospace in the late '60s, I was on a Space
Station proposal effort for a while.  (you see how far things have
progressed in 25 years :-( ) Anyway, the secretary used to answer the
phone (which had Direct Inward Dialing) "Space Station".  All too
often the result was a couple of seconds of stunned silence or a
"huh", followed by a hangup.  This was at the time of the Apollo
flights, and well, some people thought they had a REAL long distance
wrong number!

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1. How I Answer the Phone (was The War on the Word "Hello")

Let's not forget that some telemarketing machines are programmed to
recognize the word "Hello."

I answer the business line with the business name.  When it's a
machine on the other end, I usually hear nothing.  I'll then repeat
the company name, and still hear nothing.  I'll say "Hello?" -- then,
<click><whirr><tape hiss> and the recording starts.

At which point I hang up quickly.  Grr.

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