Cellular Coverage in Afghanistan Improving

Cellular Coverage in Afghanistan Improving

Post by Danny Burstei » Sat, 26 Jul 2003 07:38:19

(Reuters) - War-battered Afghanistan, where using a cellphone is
a frustratingly hit-and-miss affair, will get its second GSM network
on Sunday, and the company providing it vows to make failed calls a
thing of the past ...


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1. Cellular Coverage in General (was Re: Sprint Coverage)

I've seen terrible coverage from all the major carriers.  In Manhattan
(!), both AT&T and BA have dead spots.  Neither of them covers the
entire trip along 95 from Boston to NY, even though it's one of the
most well-travelled routes in the country.  In some cases, the problem
is not technological, but political -- i.e., lack of roaming
agreements.  With their dual digital/analogue plans, sometimes there's
an an analogue cell nearby, but because of a lack of a roaming
agreeement, the phone picks up on a digital signal that too weak to
use. Other times, though, there's just no coverage at all.

I think it's a major problem that we have so many companies working to
install towers in the same places, with no one working to install
towers where we really need them.  This is the problem with
"competition."  What will happen is that we'll have our choice of a
dozen different carriers, none of which will cover the entire US.  In
other countries, they have but one (or maybe two) carriers, but the
whole country is covered.


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