Press Release-Telephony Utility Program

Press Release-Telephony Utility Program

Post by Tatro Enterpris » Wed, 04 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Huntsville, 2 October, 1995

Telephony File Format Converter

For Immediate Release:

        Tatro Enterprises is pleased to announce the release of their
telephony file format conversion program. the program will enable all IVR
developers toi convert voice files from all generally used vox-formats to
all commonly-used wav-formats and back. This will allow the editing and
recording of voice files in the familiar Windowsa environment and
converting the files back to vox-format for inclusion in IVR-applications.

        The full program retails for US $20.00 plus $3.00 shipping and
handling. A demonstration program is available which will let you convert
files from vox- to wav-format using the default settings. Bulk conversion
of files in one directory with directory synchronization is possible. The
program runs under Windows 3.11a, Windows NTa and Win 95a.

The following file-formats are supported:

VOX-Format Options:
PCM (8 bit) (ALaw-encoding possible)
ADPCM (4 bit)
- both 6000 Hz and 8000 Hz

WAV-Format Options:
8000 Hz
11025 Hz
22050 Hz
44100 Hz
- 8 bit or 16 bit per Sample
- Mono or Stereo

The demonstration program can be downloaded from the following internet site:
ftp:  /tatro-enterprises/demo/

? Tatro Enterprises. All other brands and product names are trademarks
and/or registered trademarks of their respective holders.


1. Press Release: LANCharge for Win95 - Network monitor and automation utility for NetWare

Press Release


Toledo, Ohio - November 17th, 1997

Lanbytes, located in Toledo, Ohio, announced the release of LANCharge for
Win95.?  This program provides an affordable solution for monitoring items
and automating tasks on a Novell NetWare network.
Network Managers stay informed of network events by monitoring volume space,
login capabilities, pinging, scanning error logs and notifying via pagers,
email, NetWare network message, etc.. LANCharge also includes a task
scheduler that can run programs at set intervals including running NCF files
at the NetWare File Server console.

Affordable - LANCharge does not require a dedicated PC to run on. It runs on
a Win95 machine and dynamically logs in and out of NetWare servers as
necessary to gain access to the network resources that it is monitoring.

Server Friendly - No potentially dangerous NLMS to load on your NetWare File
Server as required by other network monitoring utilities.

Easy Setup - LANCharge includes Wizards that will facilitate setting up
LANCharge quickly regardless of the number of items that will be monitored
on the network

Highly Customizable - LANCharge can monitor any program that maintains a
text-based log file by scanning the file and searching for specific strings.
Also, LANCharge can monitor a file and notify you if it hasn't changed for
so many minutes indicating that a certain process is not running properly.
This feature could be utilized to monitor an email router or a backup

Flexible Notification Scheduling - LANCharge won't page you in the middle of
the night when the situation can be dealt with in the morning. Instead,
LANCharge can be setup to notify you in the morning of events that occurred
the previous night.

Lanbytes, Inc. is the publisher of the 1996 Ziff-Davis Shareware Awards
finalist ConfigIt - File Update Utility.

For more information, please visit the Lanbytes website at


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