New Service From NY Tel - 'Reverse Directory'

New Service From NY Tel - 'Reverse Directory'

Post by danny burste » Fri, 31 Dec 1993 13:03:04

Just caught the following public notice ad in {Newsday}, Dec 29, 1993
(tore it out without markking down the page number):

"Notice of proposed changes in Telephone company regulations"

"Notice is hereby given .... to be effective Feb 4, 1993 ... for Reverse
Directory Assistance:

RDA provides callers with the listed name, listed address, including
zip code if available, for a given business or government telephone

The ad goes on to say that it will be available in the 'Downstate
Metropolitan LATA", and explains how useful it will be.

Charge is listed at $0.45 "per given telephone number."

Note a few points: This is ONLY for business and government listings.
Also, it's not clear from the wording what happens if you ask for a
residential or an unlisted number. Also unmentioned is what happens if
you call NYC directory assistance using a long distance carrier.

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: If it works like the same service in
Chicago, it won't be reachable through directory assistance. You will
dial a seven digit number. That number will carry a toll charge of
45 cents per call/lookup, and on long distance calls, only the
regular toll charge (from wherever the person is calling) will apply.  PAT]


New Service From NY Tel - 'Reverse Directory'

Post by Dave Niebu » Fri, 07 Jan 1994 02:00:46

I mentioned earlier about testing out the NYTel 'Reverse Directory

so that he could try it.

Actually, it was simple.  The first was looking in the Manhattan phone
book and picking a business name then calling Manhattan DA and asking
for the whole thing.  That took some time since no one there seemed to
know what I wanted.

Well, I just tried it in Area Code 516 and got the whole kit and
kaboodle (phone, address and zip) one-two-three.

The cost for the DA will be about $.45 US and I think about $.35-$.45
US for the extra.  Your mileage might vary.

Have a Safe, Sane Healthy and Happy New Year!

Senior Technical Specialist, Scientific Computing Facility
Brookhaven National Laboratory Upton, NY 11973  (516)-282-3093


New Service From NY Tel - 'Reverse Directory'

Post by Stephen » Fri, 07 Jan 1994 01:56:27

Given the availability of the national white pages on cd-rom, couldn't
anyone set up such a service, for both business and residential

Stephen Ng    Sedona Software Consulting    617-648-8120

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Certainly they could. Really, the only
considerations would be financial: having the cash flow to do it and
the money needed to keep it running while it was first starting up. Of
course you need the computer and CD-Rom, etc.   PAT]


1. New Service From NYTel - 'Reverse Directory'


Test deleted - dwn

The first time I saw that ad was about two weeks ago.  I tried it for
a NYC number and it worked with no problem.  I don't know what the
cost was since I did it from work.

There was something in there about residence service being available
but I think it was left out since calls like these would be to
businesses where the exact address is needed.

BTW: It took quite awhile (>2 minutes) to find out since the request
had to go through two or three levels before I reached someone who
could understand what I wanted.

I haven't tried it from home to see what happens.

Senior Technical Specialist, Scientific Computing Facility
Brookhaven National Laboratory Upton, NY 11973  (516)-282-3093

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