Any LD Carriers With Cellular Plans?

Any LD Carriers With Cellular Plans?

Post by John R Levi » Sat, 12 Feb 1994 18:52:00

Quote:> While I'm not particularly hopeful, I'm curious if anyone knows if any
> of the major carriers offer discounts to cellular customers.

Sure.  Sprint offers the same baffling array of discount plans on my
cell phone as they do on my landline.  But for some reason they can't
combine cellular and landline phones on the same bill.  Multiple
cellular or multiple landline are OK.

Is CellOne Boston equal access?  Since it's actually Southwest Bell,
one of the RBOCs, I would expect that it is.



Any LD Carriers With Cellular Plans?

Post by jeffka.. » Mon, 14 Feb 1994 12:45:03

I advise companies on selecting telephone services, spotting waste and
reducing costs, cellular included.  Unless you use alot of Cellular
LONG DISTANCE calls, don't worry about it. If you use AT&T at home,
use it on your cellphone.

Jeffrey Kagan   Tele Choice Consulting