Prevalence of 10XXX Dialing

Prevalence of 10XXX Dialing

Post by David Tamk » Sat, 24 Feb 1990 01:59:35

John Cowan wrote in TELECOM Digest, Volume 10, Issue 116:

| As I understand it, only Bell (ex-AT&T) telcos plus GTE must offer
| [10XXX], and lots of local independent telcos don't.  Taconic
| Telephone, for example, the first all-digital local telco in the
| country, has no plans to offer any LD carrier except AT&T.

Centel offers 10XXX, but the selection of carriers who will accept my
10XXX dialing is different from the selection offered to Illinois Bell
customers across the street.  (For one thing, I can use 10721 for
Centel Net and they can't; for another, there was a long stretch when
MCI would offer them Around Town calling but told me I wasn't
eligible, even though they advertised that it was available throughout
the city of Chicago: they reserved the right to define Chicago their
own way regardless of what the City Council said.)

| (I suppose that GTE comes under the terms of the MFJ because it owns
| Sprint.  True or false?)

But GTE no longer owns Sprint.  On July 1, 1986, GTE and United
Telecommunications merged their packet nets (GTE Telenet and Uninet)
into Telenet (soon to be renamed SprintNet) and their long-distance
carriers (Sprint and U S Tel) into U S Sprint.  About two years later
GTE pulled out of the partnership, leaving Telenet and U S Sprint
entirely in United Tel's hands.

And now that Central Telephone's corporate parent owns a long-distance
carrier, they continue renting and selling telephone equipment to
residential customers, so that hasn't put them under MFJ rules.

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1. Prevalence of 10xxx Dialing

| >104-441-700-TALK-121
| Looks like a new way to avoid 900 blocking to me.

'course, this works only in those areas that have 10XXX (Feature Group D?)

Is that everywhere *except* the backwaters of GTE Northwest, now?  Or
are there still many places that don't have 10XXX dialing?

We can do 950-xxxx and "select our default 1+ carrier", but 10XXX is
only for the local Bell-co (US West, or whatever they changed their
name to this week) customers.

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