Administrivia: Special Mailing Follows Immediatly

Administrivia: Special Mailing Follows Immediatly

Post by TELECOM Moderato » Tue, 02 Nov 1993 11:05:00

The special issue of the Digest prepared by Ron "Asbestos" Dippold
arrived here shortly after midnight. It will be following this
issue of the Digest in the next several minutes. It will discuss
in a fair and unbiased way the relative merits or demerits behind
an unmoderated Usenet telecom group to be called
I hope you will read it and consider carefully what the participants
in the special mailing have to say. As for me, I'll be back sometime
later Monday!  :)

Patrick T.


1. Administrivia: Two Special Issues to Follow

I have a large collection of replies on hand here to two recent
threads which were very controversial.  The Bell Canada Caller-ID
Alternate Number thread drew many (as yet unpublished) replies, and
the thread from earlier this week responding to the AT&T/USA Today
billing for calls to the information service offered by the newspaper
is the other.

To close both of these threads out -- both have been well explored
here -- I'll send out a special issue devoted strictly to replies on
both threads with no further commentary from myself. I'm handling
these as special issues so that readers not interested in pursuing the
topics further can ditch them unread without missing other messages or
issue numbers.

Watch for them Wednesday night.


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