Telecom*USA 800 Service vs. MCI

Telecom*USA 800 Service vs. MCI

Post by Eddy J. Gurn » Sat, 02 Feb 1991 00:09:37


> writes:
>>$25.00 service charge, and that the rate was $2.75/month.  Calls will
>>be billed at $0.29/minute during the day and $.2175/minute during the
>>evening.  This sounds very similar to the numbers you have now, and
>>cheaper than MCI's personal 800 service, which is $5.00/month and
> MCI's personal 800 number is MUCH cheaper ... no $25 service charge
> ...  only $2/mo (with Primetime) and .225 a min day and .1083 evenings/
> weekends (with Primetime).  Even at the $5/mo rate it would take over
> eleven months to make up the difference; and the calls are .25 day and
> somewhere around .20/min other times.

According to the information I received from MCI, the "PrimeTime plus
Personal 800" costs $9.50/month.  This entitles you to one hour of
calls to and from your home during plan hours.  Calls to your 800
number outside plan hours are billed at $0.225/minute.  After the
first hour, calls to your 800 number during plan hours are

Without the "PrimeTime" option, the charge is $5.00/month, and calls
are always $0.25/minute, regardless of time of day.

It does appear that MCI is cheaper with the PrimeTime option.
However, the main disadvantage I see to MCI's personal 800 service is
their use of "security codes."  Although I'm not certain, I would
assume that once a caller dials "your" 800 number, they must dial
(presumably from a TouchTone(tm)-equipped phone) an access code to
active the ringing of your home phone.  The Telecom*USA numbers do not
require this.

I was not aware of the $25.00 hookup fee until I had answered half of
their questions.  I agree that the $25.00 charge makes the offer less


Telecom*USA 800 Service vs. MCI

Post by Phydea » Sat, 02 Feb 1991 04:32:29


Quote:>Just a quick note to let you know that I also called Telecom*USA and
>requested an 800 number with them.  They said there is a one-time
>$25.00 service charge, and that the rate was $2.75/month.  Calls will
>be billed at $0.29/minute during the day and $.2175/minute during the
>evening.  This sounds very similar to the numbers you have now, and
>cheaper than MCI's personal 800 service, which is $5.00/month and
>requires users to enter a "security code" so "you control who calls."
>This sounds to me like an excuse to let multiple users share one 800
>number. :-)

When I spoke to MCI they told me that it was $5.00/month and ??/min -
*UNLESS* you had MCI as your LD carrier.  In that case, you would not
have a monthly charge and you could use their hourly calling packages
(I forget what theirs is called) for incoming *and* outgoing calls.
Hourly calling in the evening and on weekends, xx% discount on
incoming calls during the day.  Unless the drone I spoke to didn't
know what he was talking about (highly likely) it would seem that
that's the way to go.


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1. Cable & Wireless 800 Service (MCI and Telecom*USA, too)

Steve Forrette mentioned that Cable & Wireless provides 800 service
for rates comparable to U.S. Sprint before they jacked up the price
$5/month.  Plus, they optionally provide remote programming of the
forwarding number for your 800 calls.  I checked C&W out when I was
originally looking into the 800 LDCs, and unfortunately, they only
offer it in certain area codes.  Mine is not one of them. :-( I called
them again today and confirmed this is still the case.  (If anyone is
interested, it is 517; Lansing, MI.)

I also called MCI about their "Follow Me 800" service, but the
representatives did not have any information available at this time,
and said "you will be hearing more about it."  I guess we'll see about
that.  I wonder if this too, will be a "shared" 800 number, or if they
will finally assign you your own number.

Finally, our Moderator's 800 carrier, Telecom*USA, has been consumed
by MCI, and will not allow new customers to add 800 service at the
incredible monthly rate of only $2.75/month.  They direct all your
calls to MCI, where they try to sell you MCI Personal (Shared) 800
with the infamous "personal security code".  I guess Pat is just lucky
he jumped on the bandwagon when he did! :-)

So the search continues for an 800 LDC besides U.S. Sprint.  Any more

I'll keep everyone posted.

[Moderator's Note: Except that *existing* customers of Telecom*USA at
the time of the MCI merger are still being serviced through
Telecom*USA customer service, and they still let us add/delete or
change around our 800 numbers as desired for $2.75 each.   PAT]

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