Shortcalls Issue

Shortcalls Issue

Post by Venkat » Sat, 26 Jul 2003 13:00:38

Calls are transfered from various center to our center by dialing out.
We are observing short calls (CDR trace shows 2-5 secs call
progression). We use a Nortel Meridian Option 61C and calls come from
variery of switches and carriers. We are not using answer supervision
in this case.

Would appreicate input in helping us resolve.


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Staff Manager's Issues Report on Privacy Issues Related to Whois
(13 May 2003)



Preliminary Catalog of Issues
        Issues Concerning Data Collection
        Issues Concerning Data Quality
        Issues Concerning Data Handling
        Issues Concerning Data Disclosure
        Issues Concerning Data Use
        Issues Concerning Classification of Registrants
        Issues Concerning Commercial Confidentiality and Rights in Data

Stakeholder Groups and Their Apparent Positions

Whois/Privacy Activities in Other Groups

Recommended Process for Proceeding
        Characteristics of the Issues
        General Counsel's Remarks on Scope
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