Pac Bell to Eliminate Touch-Tone Charges

Pac Bell to Eliminate Touch-Tone Charges

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A gentleman from AT&T responded to John Hammond's message about
mysteriously appearing touch tone service.  He made mention of NY Tel
threatening to bill people who used TT without paying, but said he
hadn't ever heard of it happening.

I can't vouch for someone being billed, but several years ago when I
lived in Ukiah, CA 707-462, they were contacting people both in
writing and verbally who were using touch tone service without paying.
They had just converted from a Crossbar office to 1AESS, and were
apparently deluged with people who realized that TT worked for free.
Shortly thereafter they must have patched it, because it stopped being

Not that I would ever take advantage of Pac Bell.  After all, look at
all the wonderful things they've done for me.

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1. PacBell to Eliminate Touch-Tone Charges

John Hammond writes of Touch-Tone service suddenly working on his
line, and speculates about a switch upgrade.  More likely, the switch
hasn't been upgraded.

My understanding is that with crossbar switches, Touch-Tone has to be
enabled for groups of 100 lines at a time.  Thus, if a ``neighbor''
has the service, you can have it, too.  This is in contrast to modern
digital exchanges, where all lines physically can have it, but a
configuration bit tells the switch whether or not to honor the tones.
A year or two ago, NY Telephone announced that they were going to
start looking for people who used Touch-Tone without paying for it,
and send them a bill.  I haven't heard of this actually happening yet.

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