Telecom Archives Index / Access

Telecom Archives Index / Access

Post by David L We » Wed, 09 Oct 1991 21:05:34


     You are probably tired of hearing this, but I could sure use a
tutorial on how to obtain an Index of the material stored in the
Telecom-Digest Archives, and additionally, access to the same.

[Moderator's Note: Sometime Sunday evening I plan to send out a new
version of the Telecom Archives index (when requesting files via
anonymous ftp) and a copy of the help file for reference when asking
for files via the mail/ftp service operated especially for telecom by
one of our readers. It will go to the mailing list as well as to the
comp.dcom.telecom newsgroup. Read the next message for a little more
background on the Archives.   PAT]


1. Exploring the Telecom Archives: Archives Index

but reliable. I use it periodically to retrieve files from cica and
SIMTEL.  For information send e-mail;

     Subject: help

and you will receive a help message with instructions.

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[Moderator's Note: Well, I've had a few messages now on these two
services and the thing I should point out is that bitftp will only
respond to Bitnet sites. It used to answer everyone, but no longer.
Then in a letter from someone yesterday I was advised the one at
decwrl is not too reliable, but I can't say this because I've never
tried it. So my suugestion to UUCP sites and others without Internet
connections would be to experiment with decwrl and see how well it can
handle your requests from the Telecom Archives (ftp  PAT]

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