800 FCC Order, and 888 Implementation

800 FCC Order, and 888 Implementation

Post by Judith Oppenheime » Wed, 21 Jun 1995 04:00:00

AT&T has asked the FCC to refine the order by instituting a "market
share" allocation plan, in which the DSMI would allocate a maximum of
28 thousand 800 numbers per week among the RespOrgs, in proportion to the
percentage of 800 numbers each RespOrg held in "working" or "reserved"
status during a period of time specified by the FCC.

Pending feedback from other RespOrgs, the FCC has agreed to pursue this

Regarding 888 Implementation, my firm was present at, and participated
in last week's FCC 888 implementation meeting.  The FCC Order was just
one of many significant issues addressed.  Interested parties can call
this office -- 212 684-7210 -- and request our full written report,
available for $200.

As you are aware, we are not in the habit of soliciting this forum for
business.  In this instance, we hope to recoup our prep, legal, attendance,
expense, analysis and reporting costs.

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: And I know your expenses to date in covering
this have been great. You've probably got several people on your payroll
involved in just this one project alone. Please continue to keep all of us
advised as things develop.   PAT]