ComCast Cellular Finally Upgrades its Software

ComCast Cellular Finally Upgrades its Software

Post by Cid Technologi » Thu, 01 Sep 1994 12:21:20

I mentioned a number of months ago how an older version of Motorola's
EMX switch software (cellular) prevented many roamers from getting
call-waiting indication tones while roaming in EMX-based systems.

A couple of good examples where this was/is a problem is for GTE
Mobilnet customers roaming on Pac*Bell's system, and Cell One/NY's
customers roaming on the ComCast EMX system to the south and the Bell
Atlantic (Metro Mobile) system to the north.

If you are on the phone in one of these EMX areas, callers who dialed
your number will (usually) hear a *single* busy tone, and then get
bounced to voicemail (depending on if the cellco uses IS-41A, which I
think they both do). YOU never have any idea that anyone has just
called, and at least with GTE you will have to pay airtime for the
call as well. (CO/NY has a similar billing problem -- if you are
currently on the phone in ComCast NJ/DE/PA and you get a call, it is
bounced back to voicemail, but the billing systems sees this as you
trying to access voicemail by calling yourself, and bills airtime for
it. You USED to be able to call your own number and get voicemail (as
you can in the CO/NY 00025 system), but now it varies, and in a few
weeks you will only get a busy signal. But to the billing system, if
you call yourself or if someone else calls and your phone busy then
both calls *appear* to be the same, and thus an airtime charge is
incorrectly incurred in the later case.)

Since ComCast is an NACN system, all features, including CW, are
supposed to work, and I presume in order to conform to the NACN
standards, ComCast is implementing the new EMX software soon to ensure
that it becomes fully NACN compliant.

Note that Metro Mobile (which I believe is also using IS-41 now
to/from NY) is NOT an NACN system. I suspect that they will join the
NACN if and when McCaw's recently acquired Litchfield system joins so
that they can get full state coverage/call-delivery, which only SNET
(B-side) currently offers. However, presently, they do not need to
conform to the NACN standards and call-waiting will not work in CT for
NY customers (or Boston customer who roam into CT for that matter, as
Boston also has automatic call-delivery to CT.)

Metro Mobile did implement a moderate interim solution: If you are on
the phone, and in their system, your caller gets a regular busy
signal, and the call doesn't transfer to voicemail, thus no erroneous
airtime charges as one would currently get in ComCast.

I'm glad to see that ComCast is getting the proper software upgrade so
as to provide Call-Waiting to NACN roamers in their system (although a
call which comes in as a call-wait seems NOT to go to voicemail; ie,
if you don't answer the call-waiting tones the calling party gets an
"Out of Vehicle" message; why can't the call go to voicemail as
well?). I would hope that Pac*Bell gets with it an upgrades so CWs
will occur when GTE customers roam on their system, and for that
matter, that most EMX systems upgrade so that as interconnectivity
increases there won't be these pockets of selective "outages" which
limit the usefulness of one's cellular service.

ComCast should be fully upgraded by October, if not sooner. (Great,
just in time for Boston to get on the NACN, only four months late ...
Let's hope they upgrade their software PRIOR to NACN admission, so CW
will work in Boston immediately!)


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