Republicans Are Adding Weight to Reversal of FCC Media Rule

Republicans Are Adding Weight to Reversal of FCC Media Rule

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WASHINGTON, July 22 - Until recent days, the nation's largest media
conglomerates had hoped that the House of Representatives would kill
the growing political efforts to overturn their recent deregulation.

But in a stunning political development, the House now appears poised
to support the reversal of a new rule that permits the nation's
biggest TV networks to grow even larger.

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1. FCC Commissioners Get Media Ownership Rules Plan

By Jeremy Pelofsky

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A blueprint for easing media ownership rules
began circulating among commissioners on the Federal Communications
Commission on Monday, which would make it even easier for a company to
own multiple television stations, people familiar with the situation

A majority of the five FCC commissioners are also planning to let a
company own a newspaper and a television or radio station in most
markets as well as ease the cap on how much of the national TV
audience one company can reach.

Specifically, the FCC is considering a tiered system somewhat similar
to what is used in antitrust law to determine whether a company can
own several television stations in a market, sources said.

But there would have to be at least six television stations in a
market before the agency would allow a company to own two stations
there, and one could not be in the top four in the ratings, they said.

So in many markets, companies will be able to own two commercial
stations without running afoul with the FCC, and in large cities like
Los Angeles and New York, three stations could be owned by a company
under the tiered system.

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