800 service in Canada & US

800 service in Canada & US

Post by Joe Talb » Fri, 26 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I'm working on a project to reduce the phone charges for a government
organization. They want one 800 number that works in both the US and
Canada. Currently, they use AT&T readyline service to a bunch of POTS
numbers (expensive). They have T-1's for FTS 2000, but have been told
that the Canada calls 1) couldn't come in on the FTS 2000 T-1's
                      2) can't come in readyline if the US traffic
                      comes in on the T-1.
I know that there's no technical reason why this can't be done. It
SHOULD be done, it'll save a fortune. Anybody from AT&T know about


"Use of common sense is authorized"


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Dale Kramer

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