Tips and tricks for HICOM 300

Tips and tricks for HICOM 300

Post by Dent Tisda » Fri, 03 Apr 1998 04:00:00

  If you can't get a DAT tape to eject from the drive: dea-dskx for the DAT drive (cno 6)
and the hard drive (cno 1), then pull the card hot. When reinserting the card, hold the eject button
  If your RMX port is locked up, try toggling the SYNC-ASYNC switch on the ADS processor card back
and forth a few times.
  As I learn more little helpful "non-documented" tips I will try to post them here. If anyone else
has input please feel free to post.                                             Dent


1. Siemens Hicom 300 / Hicom Trading 300

I am interested in technical information on the Siemens PBX Hicom 300
and especially the Hicom Trading 300. Although these products are not
currently being produced for larger-scale domestic use, I imagine
there is a certain amout of information available here. I would really
appreciate any help on this topic.


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