What's the Status of the Lawsuit Against Destiny Telecom?

What's the Status of the Lawsuit Against Destiny Telecom?

Post by Liz Ashrap » Fri, 02 May 1997 04:00:00

Does anyone know if the lawsuit against Destiny has been settled or
where that stands?


1. What's the Status of the Lawsuit Against Destiny Telecom?

Destiny Telecomm settles lawsuit with DAs, state No wrongdoing found;
Destiny signs to save Oakland jobs

        Oakland (March 19) -- In a good-faith effort to keep its fast
growing telecommunications company and jobs in Oakland -- and without
admitting wrongdoing -- Destiny Telecomm settled a controversial
lawsuit brought by the District Attorneys of Almeda, Monterey and the
state Attorney General. Destiny attorneys contend that the company and
its employees were targeted by misguided officials in an action that
put hundreds of Oakland jobs at risk.

        Destiny and the government officials signed the agreement in
order to end the litigation. The settlement contains reporting
requirements, but does not require Destiny to make any substantive
changes in its national marketing and sales program. The judgement,
states it is not an "admission or evidence of wrongdoing" by
Destiny. The settlement requires Destiny to pay $1.6 million to the
three agencies.

Destiny is here to stay! For more information on Destiny simply

http://www.isot.com/personal/jeffurs/destiny.htm or our corporate site
at http:/www.dtiinc.com

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