Listen to Radio Show Saturday Night/Sunday Morning

Listen to Radio Show Saturday Night/Sunday Morning

Post by TELECOM Moderato » Mon, 23 Aug 1993 02:40:00

In case you missed the earlier announcement, Digest participant Fred
Goldstein will be on shortwave radio station WWCR (7435 khz) Saturday
night/Sunday morning on the Spectrum show. The topic will be telephones
and telephone services. I will be on as well to talk about the Digest
and stuff; Fred will be dealing with more of the technical comments.

If you have a shortwave receiver, do join us. Maybe someone will be
kind enough to transcribe it for the archives and for distribution to
folks who cannot otherwise hear the show. It lasts about one hour and
starts at 10:35 pm Central Daylight Time, 11:35 Eastern, 9:35 Pacific.
Listeners in the UK will get it in the wee hours of Sunday morning un-
fortunatly, but hopefully far eastern listeners will be up and around
by mid-day Sunday as it airs.

In addition to WWCR, 7435 khz, if you have Satellite TVRO equipment,
you can tune in the 'Lets Talk Radio Network', Spacenet III, Trans-
ponder 21 at 5.8 mhz wideband audio for the program with much better
reception than shortwave will provide.  

For most readers of this message, the show will be on within an hour
or two of you seeing this message -- or less -- absolutely four and a
half hours from now as I send this out.  Please join us if you can.

Patrick Townson


1. Administrivia: All Saturday Night Messages Lost

If you sent a message to the Digest Saturday afternoon or evening it
was probably lost due to a glitch in the filter/autoreply program
which has since (hopefully) been fixed. More than likely you did not
get an autoreply message because the messages were simply being
trashed in the process of passing from the filter to the autoreply.

You may have gotten a reciept because a fix (incorrect) was installed
at one point in the evening, but I still didn't actually get the
message.  And that includes your article, Lauren W ... both times you
sent it!  Even though the filterlog had it listed (which is how I was
able to notify some people of the loss of their articles) twice for
Lauren, which included my request to retransmit it, it failed the
second time also.  As of 1:30 AM CST Sunday, things are running okay

Patrick Townson
TELECOM Moderator

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