Cable and Wireless Plans For Cellular Service in US

Cable and Wireless Plans For Cellular Service in US

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Cable & Wireless plans US cellular telephone network -
FinTech Mobile Communications via Individual Inc. :

Cable & Wireless Inc, the C&W subsidiary which operates a
long-distance network in the USA, is planning to roll out a national
US cellular service via a series of resale agreements with the largest
US cellular operators.  It signed the first resale agreement last
month with Bell Atlantic Nynex Mobile, the largest cellular operator
in the USA, which is present in 13 north-eastern and eastern seaboard

C&W will launch its first commercial resale operations this autumn,
starting in the cities of Washington DC, Baltimore, Pittsburgh and
Philadelphia, before expanding to other parts of the Bell Atlantic-
Nynex region.  It is also in talks with other cellular and personal
communications service (PCS) operators to spread its service to the
rest of the country.  The company, which is targeting small and
medium-sized companies, plans to offer the cellular service with a
bundle of other services -- including the long-distance and data
services which it already offers.  Customers will pay for all of these
services on a single bill.


1. Cable & Wire Plans Local Service in US

in San Francisco.

VIENNA, Va., July 16 /PRNewswire/ via Individual Inc. -- Cable &
Wireless, Inc. (CWI), the nation's largest long distance company
exclusively serving businesses, today introduced a combined local and
long distance service in California, making CWI the first interexchange
carrier to offer combined service in the state.  CWI also received
local service authorization in Florida and has filed applications in
Pennsylvania and Georgia.  "CWI continues to stake out the local
calling market with our strategic move into select business markets
throughout the U.S.," said Gabe Battista, president and chief
executive officer, CWI.  "Our intent is to bring to customers the
range of products and services they need to remain competitive and
provide it through one face, one service organization and one bill."

CWI's combined local and long distance service in California is initially
being offered to customers in the San Francisco area with plans to roll
out service throughout the state in the next several months.  The local
service includes proactive, 24-hour network management services, directory
assistance, operator assistance and access to emergency (E-911) service.

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