Internet and Easylink

Internet and Easylink

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Quote:> I have long understood that sending email between EasyLink and
> Internet was out of the question.

It's not; Pat sends us TELECOM Digest to our Easylink Mailbox every
day.  Easylink autoforwards all of our mail to our fax machine at no
charge, so as a result, we get TELECOM Digest delivered to our fax
machine automatically and it costs us nothing except fax paper.  (It's
a plain paper machine, so it's only a couple of cents a page.)

Last week I figured out how to send a message FROM an Easylink
subscriber TO Internet.  I used it in order to subscribe to some
Bitnet lists.  I'll mention both ways for anyone interested.

To send to someone's Easylink address, you must know the *exact*
Easylink number.  This is an eight-digit number which always begins
with 62.  Then you have to know the gateway, which is complicated,
then the splitting scheme, then the addressee.

What you are doing is translating an Internet RFC822 address into a
CCITT X.400 address (or back).

There are two ways to get to someone's Easylink address.  One is via
MCI Mail and the other through AT&T Mail.

To go through MCI Mail, you'd use the following:



All of these are identical; 4356996 is Western Union's gateway account
on MCI Mail.  This is how Pat sends us the TELECOM Digest.

To go through AT&T Easylink (Western Union is a subsidiary of AT&T),
you'd use the following:


In all of these, the two things which are mandatory are s=name and
dda.eln=62xxxxxx, and you can optionally use the g= format for first
name.  If you want a blank in the middle of the name, you insert an
underline _ which is why it is there.

To _send_ from Easylink is much harder.  It consists of sending an IPM
(their name for X.400) message to the ATTMAIL ADMD, with an id of:


hostname!user.  For example, this account becomes:


This is required because the ID of "internet" has to be in {lower
case} in order for AT&T mail to forward to it.

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