Network Installation Box Installation Rules

Network Installation Box Installation Rules

Post by Davi » Sat, 03 Oct 1992 18:01:11

        I just had a second phone line installed in my home, and the
Network Interface Box was installed on the outside of the house.  This
strikes me as a problem, since it leaves the box open to weather,
vandalism, and theft of service.  Also, my phone number is written
inside the box (which does have a hole for a padlock, but which is
made of flimsy plastic).

        When I discussed this with the foreman, he told me that this
was standard procedure and mandated by the Mass. Department of Public
Utilities.  The justification is that they need access to the box for
test purposes.  I don't seem to have any option to have it installed
inside the house.

        Is this proper?  Is this practice universal?  Have I worked in
computer security too much, and am I just too paranoid??

David Ofsevit


1. Network Installation Box Installation Rules

Here (SE Wisconsin) I've seen the Network Interface placed both inside
and outside.  New construction seems to be mainly outside.  If you
don't have one on an old installation and request one, they usually
put it inside right next to the protector.  It would seem to be a
security problem to me also, wandering teenagers with telephones
calling 900 numbers from your line.  I would at least erase/eradicate
the number written inside.  Maybe you could build a more substantial
box around theirs.

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