Does Privacy Lose Out in Cellular Fraud Prevention Plans?

Does Privacy Lose Out in Cellular Fraud Prevention Plans?

Post by Jim Wenz » Wed, 29 Mar 1995 04:00:00

Quote:> In my opinion, telecom fraud such as cellular fraud can be easily
> controlled by keeping user profiles for his calling patterns. When
> these patterns change suddenly and the volume of calls increases
> heavily, these high fraud certainty calls are redirectd to an
> operator.

While I realize the need for 'user profiles', I can't help but shudder
everytime I hear about them. Primarily because, I am concerned over
how this information can be used. Does your company share these 'user
profiles'? Or, are they for internal use only? Do your customers know
that you keep their calling patterns? Or do you collect this
information on the sly? If they do know, do they have the option of
subscribing to this service?  Or is it imposed?

So much data is being collected on each and everyone of us that it is
only a matter of time where every action will be tracked, collected, and

Again, I understand the need. It is valid, fraud hurts us all. My
concern is can (not if) the 'user profiles' be accessed by an outside
party? If so, what steps are taken to protect your consumers? Do you
notify them of inquiries? (such as Transunion, Equifax etc... are
required to do?) I am not directing this at your company in particular.
I know the practice is common with many companies, not just those in the
Telecom field. Just voicing my opinions as they reflect upon the privacy
of us all and curious as to how much consideration companies put into
the issue. I don't think they look at the issue. I know they don't
where I work <sigh>.

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: You know Jim, you ask too many questions
for your own good. :)  You make some people get uncomfortable when you
raise issues like that. We don't want that do we?     PAT]


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