EFFector 16.3: ALERT: Don't Let the INS Violate Your Privacy!

EFFector 16.3: ALERT: Don't Let the INS Violate Your Privacy!

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In the 242nd Issue of EFFector:

    * ALERT: Don't Let the INS Violate Your Privacy! (Feb. 3rd  
    * EFF Submits Comments to FCC Requesting More Open Spectrum
    * EFF Submits Comments on "German DMCA"
    * Transcript of *Argument Before FISA Appeals Court now
    * Skipping Commercials is not a Crime; Attention ReplayTV Owners
    * Who Controls Your Digital Media? Shouldn't it Be You? (19 Days
    * SXSW Giveaway for EFFector Subscribers
    * Thanks to Mailman Developers
    * Deep Links (10): President Bush Announces TIA-like Terrorist
      Threat Integration Center
    * Administrivia



1. Snack Companies Fined $185,000 for Violating Kids' Online Privacy

By Kieren McCarthy

American snack companies Hershey Foods and Mrs Fields Cookies have
been fined $85,000 and $100,000 respectively for violating children's
privacy on their websites.

The hefty fines were issued by the Federal Trade Commission after it
decided both companies had broken the Children's Online Privacy
Protection Act (COPPA) by collecting personal information from
children without first obtaining parental consent.



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