US West Test Northern Telecom's "Caller ID on Call Waiting"

US West Test Northern Telecom's "Caller ID on Call Waiting"

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 Original From: Dan J. Rudiak
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       Subject: US West Test Northern Telecom's "Caller ID on Call Waiting"

US West Tests Northern Telecom's "Caller ID on Call Waiting"

Grand Forks, ND/ September 18 -- U S WEST Communications and Northern
Telecom today announced the successful completion of two days of tests
of a new Northern Telecom residential calling feature that allows U S
WEST's Caller ID to work with Call Waiting.

Currently the popular Call Waiting and Caller ID features can't work
together, though most customers in U S WEST's Caller ID trial in
Boise, Idaho, indicate they want the two features teamed in residen-
tial service offerings.

Subscribers to the Custom Calling feature Call Waiting are familiar
with the short beep that alerts them to another incoming call.  The
new Northern Telecom feature, "Caller ID on Call Waiting", combines
the advantage of Call Waiting the ability to interrupt a call to talk
to a third, incoming party with the advantage of Caller ID
identification of the incoming caller.  The name and/or number
associated with the incoming call is displayed on a special telephone
equipped with a screen.

"We're pleased with the results of the test.  This data will be
helpful in determining how to best offer Caller ID and Call Waiting in
a complementary fashion to our customers," said Terry Ford, U S WEST
Communications project manager.  U S WEST tested the features
September 16 and 17 (Monday and Tuesday) with two lines within the
Grand Forks central office.  No customers were involved in these
tests.  Since a special telephone set is required with Northern
Telecom's Caller ID on Call Waiting feature, a prototype telephone set
provided by Northern Telecom was used in the test.

This is the first time "Caller ID on Call Waiting" has been tested in
a live central office with telephone sets specifically designed for
the feature.  U S WEST started searching for a solution to the Caller
ID/Call Waiting incompatibility problem about a year ago by leading
the formation of a nationwide forum.  Forum members include Bellcore,
major switch vendors, customer premise equipment vendors and chip

The industry forum is looking to determine technical requirements and
standards for offering an off-hook signaling capability that will
allow Call Waiting and Caller ID to work separately and together.  The
forum next meets October 10, 1991 in New Jersey.  Both the forum and
the meeting are open to interested members of the industry.

"Compatibility with Caller ID really adds value to the Call Waiting
feature," said Ford.  "Now our customers can not only know someone is
trying to reach them with Call Waiting, but by looking at the Caller
ID information displayed, they can make an informed decision about
interrupting their current call."

Delivery of the identifying information for the incoming call
represents a technological achievement in the telecommunications
industry, according to Northern Telecom's Susan Briner, Senior Product
Manager Residential Services.  "Identifying information for existing
services such as Caller ID can be sent to the phone while it is
"on-hook" or when the handset is in the cradle.  On the other hand,
Caller ID on Call Waiting requires the identifying information for the
incoming call to be sent during a conversation while the phone is
'off-hook.'  The trick is to send data and voice signals during the
call using existing network facilities," said Briner.

The service tested is based on a Northern Telecom DMS-100 central
office switch and uses standard, DMS-100 central office hardware and
in-band signaling to deliver the name and/or number.

Caller ID on Call Waiting will be generally available in Northern
Telecom's DMS-100 switches in the second quarter of 1992.

Northern Telecom is the leading global supplier of fully digital
telecommunications switching systems, providing products and services
to telephone operating companies, corporations, governments,
universities and other institutions worldwide.  Northern Telecom had
1990 revenues of U S $6.8 billion.  In addition, in the first quarter
of 1991 the company acquired ST PLC, a leading United Kingdom
telecommunications firm with 1990 telecommunications revenues of
approximately $1.6 billion.

U S WEST Communications, the largest subsidiary of U S WEST, Inc.,
serves the communications needs of 25 million customers in 14 western
states.  Its parent company, U S WEST, Inc., is a $28 billion
diversified communications company.  U S WEST, Inc., also owns
companies involved in regional, national and international markets.
Its domestic businesses include directory publishing, cellular mobile
communications and paging, business communications systems sales and
service, communications software and financial services.  The company
is also involved in a number of international ventures, including
cable television, cellular communications and personal communications
systems.  U S WEST is headquartered in Englewood, Colo.

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Well, that's the info, thought you might find it interesting!

[Moderator's Note: In an issue of the Digest Sunday evening, a lengthy
message from Vance Shipley will discuss the DMS-100 in great detail,
including the many and various 'custom calling' features available to
subscribers, provided telco enables all of them.  PAT]


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