10xxx Dialing From Hotels == Potential Fraud??

10xxx Dialing From Hotels == Potential Fraud??

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Bull Puckey!

Quote:> There is a diner in Los Angeles (the name escapes me) that has a phone
> at every table. They are "genuine Bell" phones and each is connected
> to CO dial tone. These are, in effect, Charge-a-Calls. You can place
> 800, 10XXX, 950, 0+ (goes AT&T), but not local calls (except as 0+).

Some have said that permitting 10xxx+0 dialing could result in fraud,
since the perpetrator, oops, I mean customer, might request a call to
be completed by the operator and billed to the calling number (as in
"I'm having trouble dialing, could you please call... ")

Why not offer dial-8 access to Charge-A-Call lines?  Why not?  Because
it wouldn't be possible to* the customer that way.



1. Potential For Credit Card Fraud Using Cellular Phone

I was making a purchase at a trade show, and gave them one of my bank
cards.  I was nearly struck speechless as I watched him pick up a
handheld cellular phone and proceed to call for authorization.
Fortunately, I recovered in time, and cut him off just as the call

Me:  "Are you calling for credit card authorization?"

Him: "Yes."  (puzzled look on his face)

Me:  "I do not want you to recite my card number over THAT phone."

Him: (still looking clueless)

Me:  "You will broadcast that number to everyone within several miles
     that has a scanner.  You might as well stand up on the table
     and shout it out to this crowd."

Him: "I have to get authorization for this purchase."

Me:  "Then find a pay phone or borrow a land-line phone."

Him: "There's no phone in here, and I can't leave the booth."

Me:  "I'll go elsewhere, thank you."

I went to another vendor, and paid a slightly higher price, after
agreeing that he would use a pay phone.  He didn't have a cellular
phone anyway, but it took him a while to find a phone he could borrow.

I was surprised that the credit card companies didn't have some sort
of rule against this.  So I called American Express and the issuer of
my MasterCard, and both customer service reps understood the problem
(once I explained it), but neither was aware of any policy to the
contrary.  I filed a "complaint" or "comment" or whatever they called
it, and maybe something will happen as a result.

Paul Barnett
MPP OS Development     (214)-497-4846
Convex Computer Corp.  Richardson, TX

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